Amy Edge

BELIEVE + BELONG + BECOME = Successful Business Engagements

Leading Edge Institute offers business reshaping through our stakeholder success system to help you connect with key stakeholders and drive successful business engagements. The secret to your success is found in Leading Edge Institute’s integrated approach to strategic planning that includes a team building and a leadership development component, our small group sizes, our customized curriculum, and our hands-on demonstrations that drive home the principles we discuss. Each component of our system has a logical progression, and no component works without the other.

Amy Edge

BELIEVE + BELONG + BECOME = Successful Business Engagements

If you are an owner or manager in a small to mid-sized organization and are experiencing growing pains, an identity crisis, high turnover or low productivity, Leading Edge Institute can help you with business reshaping through our Stakeholder Success System.


STRATEGY – Your stakeholders believe in your mission, vision and values, and they recognize that you act in accordance with those elements.



ENGAGEMENT – Your stakeholders know they are a valuable part of a team and that the team is working toward a common goal.



DEVELOPMENT – Your stakeholders trust that they will grow and evolve because of their association with your organization.


What Our Clients Say

August 16, 2018

In Memphis last year Amy Edge made an impact on my thinking relative to core values and their direct link to performance and culture. We’d established core values several years ago and then promptly filed them away in a book somewhere on a shelf serving no regular or useful purpose. After completing the core values exercise in Memphis I returned home inspired to re-discover the core values of all of our people. We conducted a similar version of the exercise on seven different occasions to ensure every member of our team was included in the process. I found each group to be a little different than the previous…I attribute this to the different perspectives of positions. A firefighter/ paramedic has a different view of their world than a chief officer level person. That said, everyone had more in common than not. We were able to compile and illustrate the results graphically and have established a renewed set of core values and guiding principles. The goal is to measure behavior against the core values we ALL discovered together. Beyond endless policies and procedures, now one only has to ask the question, “does this decision or behavior align with our core values…or not?” I think this is a big win for us! Thank you for including me in the summit and I look forward to the next one.

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The process that guides the Leading Edge Stakeholder Success System is outlined in Amy Edge’s book: Secrets to Successful Business Engagements: believe, belong, become


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