Leading Well

Leading Well

Mission can be defined as your organization’s purpose. Vision can be defined as your organization’s potential. Values are the principles by which your organization conducts its actions. Success is when you are consistently guided by a set of principles to achieve your purpose and maximize your potential.

Leading your organization well is when mission, vision, values and actions are in perfect alignment. Your team needs to know where your organization is going and they must have a strategic plan to get there. Because leading your company without clearly defined mission, vision, and values is aimless. And mission, vision, and values without a step by step action plan to achieve them is worthless.

Goals are your organization’s aims or outcomes. Objectives are your organization’s approach to achieving a goal. Strategy is an action taken to achieve an objective. Tactic is a tool to achieve a strategy. Metric is the measure to success of the tactic used. Reward is recognition for a stakeholder’s effort or achievement.

Here is what the process looks like.

2017 Strategic Planning for Leading Edge Realty

Copyright by Leading Edge Institute 2017


MissionTo help active duty military/veterans acquire an affordable and maintainable housing situation and to provide a positive home buying experience at every level of the process.

Vision –To be recognized as the most trusted real estate agency serving those that serve.

Values – Delivering on Promises, Competence, Integrity (Honesty and Respect), Collaboration, and a loyal dedication to the industry we serve.

Goal #1   Increase profitability

  • Objective #1– Increase sales.
  • Strategy – Laser focus on the military and serving the unique needs of the military community. (1 in 5 home buyers is military.)
  • Tactics
    • Hire veteran agents to assist active duty military/veterans integrate into civilian life with the purchase of a home that fits their finances and their lifestyle
    • Increase marketing/networking/social media efforts on active duty military/veterans
    • Sponsor organization that service the needs of active duty military/veterans.
  • Metric – Increase in sales revenue.
  • Reward – Increase in agent commission


  • Objective #2- Decrease expenses.
  • Strategy – Laser focus on decreasing reoccurring expenses by 10%.
  • Tactic –If possible, identify another source for each reoccurring expense item, obtain quotes from the additional source to see if expenses can be decreased. If it is not possible to identify another source, contact source and ask if there is any way to reduce the current bill.
  • Metric – Decrease in expenses.
  • Reward – Team member who identifies savings, gets the first months saving.

I am suggesting an integrated approach to reaching goals in keeping with your organization’s mission vision, and values – each component has a logical progression and no component works without the other. The ability to achieve this alignment and produce the desired results is the very definition of great leadership.