Become  –  DEVELOPMENT drives connection with key stakeholders

The investment in others, no matter where they fit in the hierarchy of the organization, is a contribution to the growth of the organization. While some business models encourage an investment in leadership of the organization, others champion the merits of investing in all employees. Investment may include advanced initiatives in leadership development, training and ethics. The discretion of where to channel the various resources will ultimately be determined by leadership, but a consideration of long term ramifications are important to the lasting impact on the organization.

Leading Edge Institute recognizes it takes more than character development or team building skills to be an effective leader. A leader must establish goals, influence morale, encourage collaboration, and execute strategies. The leader must educate, engage, and empower a workforce connecting who they are with what they do.

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Leading Edge offers the following Leadership Development programming, customized to fit your needs:

  • 301 Professional Legacy

    In this workshop, we ask more than the question, “What do you want your professional legacy to be?” You will learn to define your core values and translate them into core behaviors.

  • 302 The Value Of A Value

    This session will help you lay the ethical foundation for a personal credo that will help you better manage your professional life.

  • 303 Mission

    In this workshop, you will learn to better understand your organization’s purpose and how important it is to engagement and growth. You will visit your corporate mission and learn how vital it is to align all your resources to achieve it.

  • 304 Vision

    Vision defines your organization’s potential. Although your organization may have a clear vision, unless all your stakeholders clearly understand how they contribute to the vision, your organization’s potential will not be realized. This workshop helps employees connect who they are with what they do, and what they do with their role in achieving the corporate vision.

  • 305 Actions In Perfect Alignment

    In this workshop, you will become more aware of goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, metrics and rewards, as we demonstrate how to create them and how to implement them effectively within your organization.