Belong  –  ENGAGEMENT is the commitment that stakeholders have to the organization and its goals.

Are your stakeholders engaged?

Do they have input into strategy?

Do they know they are a valuable part of a team and that the team is working toward a common goal?

Vision defines your organization’s potential. Although your organization may have a sharp vision, unless all of your stakeholders clearly understand how they contribute to the vision, your organization’s potential will not be realized.

This employee engagement workshop series helps employees connect who they are with what they do. It is designed to help them align their passion with the organization’s purpose. That alignment is vital to employee engagement and the organization’s success.

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The result of this workshop series will be employee stakeholders who are themselves engaged and know how to engage your client base.

Engagement Team Building Workshop Series

  • 200 Connecting Your Workforce

    When I google connected workforce, the results refer to the technology that connects us. It is true, the power of the organization lies in the ability to connect its workforce. However, it is the ties that bind us to each other that give the organization its true power. This workshop clearly illustrates what a connected workforce looks like. Participants take their personal credos and use them as springboards to create a team credo that will guide how the team will interact going forward. We go one step further and make a commitment to connect.

  • 201 Engineering Efficient Work Teams

    Sometimes 9 is greater than 11. In this workshop, individuals fill out SOIL analysis to understand their strengths, opportunities, interests and limitations. Each person introduces themselves to the team regarding that SOIL analysis. Teams are most productive when everyone is playing in their strength zone, seizing opportunities as they present, working on projects that interest them the most, and staying away from limitations. Open and honest dialog in this space ensures teams are maximizing their potential.

  • 202 Creating Diverse and Inclusive Cultures

    Diversity is being invited to the meeting. Inclusion is being asked what you think. In this workshop, we look at stereotypes and how misleading they can be. We go one step further and create list of ways to host meetings and other events that make everyone feel welcome and encourage their full participations.

  • 203 Creating Friendly and Supportive Work Environments

    It is only in a supportive environment where employees are educated, engaged, and empowered do they reach their full potential. Creating such an environment is vital to the organization’s success. In this workshop, we have open and honest dialog about what constitutes a hostile work environment and how to eliminate it from the workplace. We go one step further and identify what embodies a friendly and supportive work environment and brain storm on how to create an environment that becomes the catalyst for employees to become the best version of themselves.

  • 204 Avoiding Workplace Violence

    In conjunction with our sister company, Active Threat Solutions, LLC, we will discuss a popular concept in the military called Left of Bang. “Bang is when shots are fired, the attack begins, or damage is done.” We will discuss all the things you can do before an attack to decrease the likeliness that such an event will occur.

  • 205 Creating Loyal Clients by Delivering Extraordinary Customer Experiences

    The secret to successful business engagements depends on your ability to connect with your key stakeholders. When that stakeholder is the client, connectivity begins with extraordinary customer experiences that start the moment customers first engage your organization, and they don’t stop if your goal is creating loyal clients. Because the minute they stop, you no longer have a client. Lose enough clients, and you no longer have a business. Therefore, it is vital to the success of the company that every single employee commits to creating successful business engagements by delivering extraordinary customer experiences and developing lasting connections with the clients. To the client, employees are the face of the company. It is imperative that you make customer interactions personal and memorable. This workshop challenges you to brainstorm for creative ideas to make customer interaction memorial.