Belong  –  ENGAGEMENT drives connection with key stakeholders

Are your stakeholders engaged? Do they have input into strategy, know they are a valuable part of a team and that the team is working toward a common goal? When the input of all stakeholders: employees, partners, and affiliates are incorporated into defining the mission, vision and goals, trust is fostered, and alignment is achieved. Engagement is an umbrella for standards of behavior such as: accessibility, communication, expectations and gratitude.

Accessibility is reliability, being available to others to support them in an authentic manner. The act is a willingness and readiness to provide tangible support. Open communication helps foster an environment of trust and cooperation. It also encourages more innovative thoughts and ideas.

Expressing realistic expectations help define behaviors that benefit the organization and keep everyone on the same page. When core values help define behaviors, the team is more aligned and effective. Gratitude nurtures feelings of appreciation, uplifting morale and creating cohesion and acts of graciousness foster trust, strengthening relationships that build stronger teams.

At Leading Edge Institute, we believe trust is at the heart of a connected workforce. Our team building workshops help overcome trust issues by helping team members understand how to bridge gaps between expectations and delivery. Participants learn that blaming others is not beneficial to success.

Through understanding strengths and weaknesses, as well as talking and sharing ideas, your team will develop a shared mission, common vision and a strong values system that defines how the team will act on all levels to support the organization. This will help build trust, open communication, cooperation and faith that all team members are in alignment to support the best interests of the organization so that in the future rather than blaming others, they will consider process breakdowns or unrealistic expectations that are standing in the way of success.

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  • 201 Professional Legacy

    In our Team Building Professional Legacy Workshop, we ask that critical question: “What do we want our professional legacy to be?” We discuss core values and really focus on what we want our co-workers’ to remember about us. We go one step further to translate core values into core behaviors, and we drill down exactly what it means to be a good team player.

  • 202 Value of Values

    “Very few individuals have asked themselves the fundamental question: What is the purpose of values? They provide us with principles that, if we live by them, improve the probability of staying alive, being successful, and ultimately being happy. So a proper set of values is about achieving success and happiness.” -John Allison from The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market

    Participants leave this workshop with an appreciation of the value of living a life based on a set of values. Each participant leaves with a Personal Credo that they can use as a guide to determine their actions. Team members’ Personal Credos are the basis for creating the Team Credo.

  • 203 Connected Workforce

    This workshop clearly illustrates what a connected workforce looks like. Participants take their personal credos and use them as springboards to create a team credo that will guide how the team will interact going forward. We go one step further and write appreciation plans, describing how team members plan to celebrate each other.

  • 204 When 9 is greater than 11

    Sometimes 9 is greater than 11. In this workshop, individuals fill out SOIL analysis to understand their strengths, opportunities, interests and limitations. Each person introduces themselves to the team in regards to that SOIL analysis. Teams are most productive when everyone is playing in their strength zone, seizing opportunities as they present, working on projects that interest them the most, and staying away from limitations. Open and honest dialog in this space ensures teams are maximizing their potential.

  • 205 Appreciation: The Antidote to Fear and Stress

    We have the best of intentions… We have planned our day. We know exactly what we need to do, how we need to do it, and we have everything we need to do to it. Somewhere, out of nowhere, it happens – an event that is out of our control that conspires to sabotage our day. The only thing that matters is how quickly we can recover and get our lives back on track. This workshop discusses the best approaches for minimizing the impact on our lives when these and other stressful, fear causing events occur.