Believe  -  STRATEGY drives connection with key stakeholders

Do your stakeholders believe in Believeyour strategy: mission, vision and values, and do they recognize that your company acts in accordance with those elements? Charting a path for your organization is more than a sound business plan. A clear vision, mission and values connect the internal culture. Vision and goals are distinctly different entities. The vision is the long term envisioned potential of an organization; the idealized realized and brought to fruition.

Goals are the actionable items brought forth every day that are readily executable. They are the progressive steps taken to walk, and then run to the finish line that is your vision. Though the race is more like a marathon than a sprint, having a team conditioned to compete is important. Preparation begins with the adoption of a belief in what you’re striving for, the unifying efforts of all stakeholders then becoming or achieving that idealized concept.

Obstructions to achieving the vision include undefined strategy, unresolved conflict, role confusion, inexperienced leadership, lack of appreciation, and over-reliance on metrics. Leading Edge will inventory your current strategic plan and discuss your organization’s strengths, opportunities, interests, and limitations.

Leading Edge facilitates a series of signature workshops to guide your management team to the development of a strategic plan.

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Team Strategy Session:
In a short interview with your management team, Leading Edge will inventory your current strategic plan and discuss your organization’s strengths, opportunities, interests, and limitation. Leading Edge will then lead a signature series of facilitated workshops that guides your management team through the development of a strategic plan. In keeping with Leading Edge’s Philosophy, the workshops make it easy to develop a plan that (1) ensures your organization’s mission, vision, values, and actions are in perfect alignment, (2) ensures your stakeholder are active and engaged and (3) ensures your stakeholders are setting goals and developing skills to reach them. Your management team will then decide whether your organization will implement the actions items or whether Leading Edge will or some combination of both.


  • 101 Developing a Mission Statement

    Mission can be defined as an organization’s purpose. This workshop is designed to lead you through a discussion to define your organization’s core purpose. You leave with a short mission statement.

  • 102 Constructing a Vision Statement

    Vision can be defined as your organization’s potential. In this session, you will discuss and define your organization’s vision. You leave with a vision statement.

  • 103 Defining Core Values

    Values are the principles by which your organization conducts its actions. This seminar helps you define your organization’s core values. This seminar is designed to help you identify and commit to ideals that will guide your organization’s actions.

  • 104 Setting Goals

    Success is when an organization is constantly guided by a set of principles to achieve a purpose and maximize potential. This class is designed to help you set no more than five goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, metrics, and rewards for the coming year.

  • 105 Positioning Statement

    Positioning Statement is an expression of how a given product, service or brand fills a consumers’ need in a way that competitors don’t. You will explore target market, point of difference and reasons to believe. This workshop is designed to assist organizations in developing strong positioning.

  • 106 Social Media Strategy

    Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. In this session, you will analyze your target market and identify topics that will be of interest to them. You leave with an understanding of how to utilize social media as a conduit to reach your target market.

  • 107 Elevator Pitch

    An elevator pitch is a term to describe a brief speech (20-60 seconds) that outlines an idea, product, service or project. In this seminar, you will explore the vital components of an elevator pitch. The goal is for you to leave with an elevator pitch that you can practice and refine.

  • 108 Coordinating your Networking Effort

    Networking is the creation of groups of acquaintances and associates to communicate with regularly and actively for mutual benefit. Once you have defined your target market, you simply go where they are. You leave this class with a focused networking plan.

  • 109 Creating a Blue Ocean Strategy

    Blue Ocean Strategy refers to the creation by a company of a new, uncontested market space that makes competitors irrelevant and creates new consumer value often while decreasing costs. You leave this workshop understanding how to open up new market space and create new demand.

  • 110 Engagement Strategy

    Join us to learn ways to fully engage your stakeholders. This class culminates with Stakeholder Engagement Plans.

  • 111 Development Strategy

    Stakeholders may have a clear vision of where they want to be, but don’t have the resources to achieve them. In this workshop, you will explore ideas on how to tap into resources to help stakeholders achieve their vision.