Mission, Vision, Values and Actions In Perfect Alignment

Mission, Vision, Values and Actions In Perfect Alignment

This nation, many of her citizens, corporations and budding entrepreneurs are at a crossroads. We are experiencing a major identity crises. America and many organizations across this nation were built on Judeo Christian values and Puritan work ethics. Those elements were eroded and we failed to back fill. At the same time, we went global. As we went into other cultures, we accepted their ways. The adage “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” applied. From a high level, we used to teach ethics, and we let the ethics define the corporate culture. Now, we teach business ethics and we let the culture define the ethics. That is how we got here.

Where is here? Read the headlines about Enron, WorldCom, AIG and, the latest, Wells Fargo. Those scandals cost their stakeholders money. But what really upsets me is men sat around a conference table and decided it was cheaper to pay wrongful death suits than to recall tires. That cost stakeholders their lives.

How do we fix it? It is simple. We must get back to the basics. Mission, vision and values that all the stakeholders agree on. Then we must go one step further… we must ensure mission, vision, values and actions are all in perfect alignment.

First, mission, vision and values stakeholders can all agree on.

There was a time when a person’s word was all that was needed, when quality workmanship was a virtue, and when challenging work and jobs well done united people in one spirit. We need to return to those core values that unite people in one spirit. Integrity, quality and hard work to name just a few.

Mission, vision, values and actions in perfect of alignment.

Mission is your organization’s purpose. Vision is your organization’s potential. Values are the principles by which an organization conducts its action. Success is when an organization’s actions are guided by a set of principles that achieve its purpose and maximize its potential.

Stakeholders are tired of counterfeits, tired of ad agencies who turn mission, vision and value statements into trendy business-speak. Stakeholders want real statements, written by engaged leaders, that are spoken in staff meetings, preached at safety meetings, and practiced on the job sites.

What would have happened if the tire company cited above had corporate values of Quality, Safety and Integrity? What if they had walked that talk? Hundreds of lives could have been saved and thousands of accidents avoided.

Returning to the basics is not a nicety, it is a necessity…  and our lives may very well depend on it.