Reshape Your Business… Every Day!

Reshape Your Business Every Day

Reshape Your Business… Every Day!

“It is not the strongest or the fittest that survives but the most adaptable.” -Charles Darwin

And so, it is with business. Big business will no longer overtake small. It will be the businesses that are most responsive to the changing business environment that will overtake the ones that simply can’t effectively manage change. It will be the businesses who continually shape and reshape their businesses that survive. Leading Edge Institute offers the tools and support to help you reshape your business.

I was the co-founder and former CEO of Recovery Logistics, LLC. We owned the nationwide disaster recovery contract for one of the largest cellular carrier in the world. And we held that contract for better than a decade. When our company sold on October 17, 2014, we successfully transferred that contract to the new buyers. Our blue ocean strategy was we designed the only computer system in the world that tracked the deployment effort. While our competition was designing better spreadsheets, we were designing a better computer system. While initially our competition relied on their experience, running one recovery effort much like the previous recovery effort, we continually innovated. As our reputation for innovation grew and our role in the recoveries expanded, we found our competition copied our recovery efforts. The good news, we knew exactly where our competition would be for the next deployment. They would be, where we were. Our survival depended on staying ahead of our competition. Our goal was simply to roll out a new improved version of our recovery effort every time we went to the field. It mattered not whether there was thirty days between efforts or two years.

How was that possible?


Through strategic conversations with clients, partner vendors, and employees we assessed our recovery effort. We pulled together the results of the activities and made lists of the things we needed to do, what we needed to do them, who was going to do it, and we just did it. We waited to the next recovery effort, rolled out the latest version, and when we got back from the deployment we started the process over.


The corporate vision of “setting a new standard in the wireless communication industry” mandated innovation. Change was just part of the process. The teams knew when they prepared for the new recovery effort, it would not be like the previous one.
The corporate tag line of “any mission, any time, any place” mandated real time feedback and quick response times. When seconds matter, your survival depended on how quickly you can take the information you got from the boots on the ground and get them the resources they needed to do the job they had been tasked to do.


The corporate culture that recognized the people were our greatest assets mandated we engage employees.
Employee engagement was easy when you exist in that space you call success, that space where passion and career converge. You see, people often asked why I did what I did. In the aftermath of a disaster, you can do nothing for the dead. The living can go three minutes without air, three days without water, three weeks without food, but they cannot live a single day without hope. Connectivity or restoring the cellular communications network restores hope. There is nothing more vital in the hours after a catastrophic event than being able to reach out to loved ones and say, “We may have lost everything. But we are alive and we can rebuild.” And should a family have lost someone that connectivity is even more vital. I was the luckiest person alive because God gave me a mission and my clients paid me to do it.

When you have a corporate mission that ensures people connect who they are with what they do and a corporate culture that values people, employee engagement becomes a byproduct of the mission and culture.


When the corporate vision is “setting a new standard in excellence,” employee development is essential. When the mission requires adapting deployment to real time feedback, real time training is mission critical. When the corporate values are “quality, safety, and integrity,” employee education is vital. When the corporate goal is to roll out a new version of the recovery effort every time you went to the field, employee training is an integral part of the process.

In summary, your success depends on your ability to connect with your key stakeholders that connectivity has three components:

  • Believe (Strategy)
    • Your stakeholders believe in your mission, vision, and values, and they think your organization acts in accordance with those elements.
  • Belong (Development)
    • Your stakeholders know they are a valuable part of a team and the team is working toward a common goal.
  • Become (Engagement)
    • Your stakeholders trust they will grow and evolve because of their association with your organization.

Put simply, the equation for successful business engagement is:
Believe + Belong + Become = Successful Business Engagement

That is the paradigm of the past. That will not change. But in age where the cellular carriers are trying to figure out how to move data faster than the speed of light, your survival will also depend on your ability to reshape your business by adapting to the everchanging needs of your clients, partner vendors, and your employees. Processes in place that ensure continual business reshaping will need to become a best practice. A connected workforce who is educated, engaged and empowered to manage the business reshaping process will not be a nicety. It will become a necessity.

As flame forges iron, one company can reshape another. Leading Edge Institute enables you to reshape your business. Call today to start the process!