Wanted: One Good-Natured Colleague

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Wanted: One Good-Natured Colleague

Phil Jackson said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Management teams spend many hours crafting the perfect help wanted statements. What if we asked our employees to craft the help wanted statements of their colleagues?

I am sure it would read:


One good-natured colleague who has a sense of humor and knows how to have fun.

One flexible colleague who plays the role on the team that gives the team the best chance of succeeding (not necessarily the one they want to play).

One responsible colleague who honors the commitments they make.

One supportive colleague who gives extra assistance to inexperienced team members.

One compassionate colleague who understands how to deliver both compliments and criticism.

One collaborative colleague who communicates constructively and shares lessons learned.

One reliable colleague who exceeds expectation.

One inclusive colleague who makes everyone feel like they are a valuable member of the team.

One cooperative colleague who rolls up their sleeves and helps.

One problem solving colleague who focuses on the solutions not the problems.

One grateful colleague who thanks members for their contribution to the team.

One loyal colleague who supports others when they are struggling and does not try to blame them.

One punctual colleague who shows up where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.

One committed colleague who is as committed to developing everyone on the team as they are to developing themselves.

One confident colleague who is as proud of the successes of their teammates as they are of their own.


One Good-Natured Colleague. If found, our team will become more than we ever thought possible. A natural by-product of that process will be that we will produce more than management ever thought possible.

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