Wanted: One Unstoppable Business Partner

Leading Edge Institute Blog by Amy Edge "Wanted: One Unstoppable Partner"

Wanted: One Unstoppable Business Partner

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.Helen Keller

What could you accomplish with your business if you could work with an unstoppable business partner?

Entrepreneurship is not a career path. It is a lifestyle choice. It is an opportunity to be great. And it is an opportunity to fail and try again until you finally figure out the secret sauce. But it is by no means a guarantee. 

Some years, you will work your heart out for free.

It is not living your life on your own terms. It is living your life on your client’s terms.

It is not stopping when you are tired. It is stopping when you are done.

It is knowing there is no such thing as work life balance. When business is good, family life is bad. When business is bad, family life will be good but you will be too worried about the business to enjoy it.

It is living like no one else would for the chance to live like no one else can.

It is not for the faint of heart.

The best you can do is find a business partner who will share the journey with you.

If you were to write a job description for the perfect partner, it should read:


One unstoppable business partner who breaks through their own self-imposed glass ceiling and encourages me to break through mine because FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.

One enthusiastic partner who is optimistic and gives me hope when we both figure out it will take longer, and cost more than we originally thought it would.

One committed partner who works for win/win solutions to challenges and refuses to settle for win/lose solutions even when they are the winner.

One supportive partner who is the voice of logic when logic abandons me, the voice of calm when anger rages through my veins, the voice of encouragement when doubt finds me and the voice of strength when fear immobilizes me.

One catalytic partner who encourages me to think outside the box and take reasonable risk to obtain mutually beneficial goals.

One flexible partner who is willing to try innovative ideas when the original ones don’t work.

One protective partner who will stand up for me when others try and discredit me.

One aligned partner who shares my mission, vision, and values.

One trustworthy partner who walks their talk.

One grateful partner who appreciates what I bring to the table.

One respectful partner who treats me the way I want to be treated.

One honest partner who acknowledges their limitations.

One talented partner whose strengths are my limitations.

One committed partner who is as committed to the company’s success as I am and is willing to match my blood, sweat and tears with their own.

Wanted: One unstoppable business partner who will walk beside me as we create a new entity sharing that journey to some unknown destination, yet completely willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the organization achieves it purpose and maximizes its potential.

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