Believe + Belong + Become   =  Successful Business Engagements

Connecting with key stakeholders has three components:

Believe STRATEGYconsult_circ
Your stakeholders believe in your mission, vision and values, and they recognize that your company acts in accordance with those elements.


Your stakeholders know they are a valuable part of a team and that the team is working toward a common goal.


Your stakeholders trust that they will grow and evolve because of their association with your organization.


Leading Edge Institute’s Business Reshaping Philosophy: Companies live and die on their ability to connect with key stakeholders. Connectivity has three components: believe (STRATEGY), belong (ENGAGEMENT), and become (DEVELOPMENT). Stakeholders believe in your mission, vision, and values. They trust your organization acts in accordance. Stakeholders believe they are on a team and everyone is working toward a common goal. Stakeholders believe they will become more tomorrow than they are today because of that association.

Leading Edge Institute offers a stakeholder success system to help you connect with key stakeholders and drive successful business engagements. The secret to your success is found in Leading Edge Institute’s integrated approach to strategic planning that includes a team building and a leadership development component, our small group sizes, our customized curriculum, and our hands-on demonstrations that drive home the principles we discuss. Each component of our system has a logical progression, and no component works without the other.

If you are an owner or manager in a small to mid-sized organization and are experiencing growing pains, an identity crisis, high turnover or low productivity, Leading Edge can help you with business reshaping to ensure actions are in perfect alignment with mission, vision and values. We conduct surveys to measure engagement of employees, partner vendors and clients and use that insight to design strategic, engagement and development plans to meet tangible goals. We help you measure the plans objectively through scorecards that ensure actions are taken on goals, with a guarantee that stakeholders will become at least 50% more engaged and productive tomorrow than they are today!

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