About Leading Edge Institute Founder, Amy Edge

Amy Edge

It takes strong leadership to create calm amid chaos, to bring order to disorder, and to implement effective recovery efforts in communities overcoming devastating disasters. Amy Edge knows exactly what it takes for a business to not only anticipate and survive devastating storms—such as Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, and Irene—but also help organizations and individuals overcome and even prosper in the face of them.

Driven by her passion for people, Edge co-founded Recovery Logistics, LLC (RLI) to help take the “disaster” out of disaster recovery. During her tenure as CEO, she secured the national disaster recovery contract for the largest cellular carrier in the world and grew the company to become the nationwide leader in business continuity and disaster recovery services. RLI’s Hurricane Sandy recovery effort set “the standard by which all other communication recoveries were measured.”

While CEO of RLI, Edge collaborated with top executives at Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T and Duke Energy, to pre-plan their storm recovery efforts. During major deployments, she led the staging operations and tracked millions of dollars in assets and thousands of people in the field. Amy interfaced with corporate executives, government agencies, first responders, and field engineers to establish seamless workflow processes during their network recoveries over multi-state regions in the United States. When RLI reached its income growth projections, she capitalized on an opportunity to sell the company in 2014.

Now Edge brings her unprecedented experience in leadership management and her passion for people to organizations in need of shaping future leadership talent. Through her lessons learned, she guides management to plan, prepare, overcome obstacles, and build winning teams, even in the face of seemingly impossible challenges.

Edge is a graduate of Meredith College, from which she also received her MBA. Residing in Morrisville, North Carolina, she is committed to giving back to her community. She is a board member of the Medical Foundation of North Carolina and the Occoneechee Council of the Boy Scouts of America, and a past board member of StepUp Ministry. She also is an active member of the Philanthropist Society, has recently joined the Tiffany Circle of the Red Cross, and sits on the advisory board of Union Bank.

The support of her husband, two sons, extended family, and lifelong friends has been an integral part of her success. She will be forever grateful for the unconditional love and support that have allowed her to exist in the space where passion and career converge.

About the Speech

Secrets to Successful Business Engagements: Believe, Belong, Become Author Amy Edge reveals the lessons she has learned during her twenty six years as a successful business owner and consultant. Edge knows that businesses live and die by their ability to connect with their stakeholders. As founder of Leading Edge Institute, a leadership development training company, Edge helps her clients implement the three components that are essential to that connectivity: believe, belong, and become.

Her speech asks several important questions:

  • Do your stakeholders believe in your corporate mission, vision, and values?
  • Do your stakeholders feel they are part of a team and working toward a common goal?
  • Do your stakeholders feel they will become more tomorrow than they are today because of their association with your organization?

If your answer is “no” to any of these questions, if you feel that your organization isn’t where you would like it to be, this event will help you uncover your business conductivity equation and maximize your growth.