I attended this workshop with all of my department managers and salespeople to help us stay connected. It had an immediate impact on our relationship – personal and business. We gained a better understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses – and how to serve one another. We committed to our team credo that will help guide and keep our focus on our values daily. Highly recommend to all teams – regardless of your tenure together. Thank you Amy!Robert Henderson
“I am thoroughly impressed! I’ve known Amy for a very long time and just recently contacted her for help with my small business. Immediately I noticed that she was extremely knowledgeable in what it takes to run a business and I was more than happy to invest my time and energy into following her suggestions. Ive established my goals, awakened to who I want to be as an entrepreneur, and gained multitudes of valuable information that I can use everyday. Thank you so much! Highly recommend!”Michael George Koutsoukos, Owner, Trident Pressure Washing Co.
“Amy Edge is ‘Leadership’. Educating, engaging, and empowering, Amy is the kind of person every community needs, and should have, to compete and thrive.”Shaun Olynick, Director of Development at Boy Scouts of America, Occoneechee Council
“I am currently attending Amy Edge strategic business plan course and it is amazing. The material is designed to walk you through each phase of developing a business plan that speaks to who you are as a person while simultaneously outlining a formula for true success! Amy is extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Her story is inspiring, and her passion to help people truly shines through! Her classes are priceless!”Dierdra Leach
“Amy did an amazing job with conducting an 8 week Leadership Class for our team! I must say it was eye opening and we all learned so much! Amy is such an awesome person that shares her real life experiences and lessons learned to help others with becoming all that they can. Believe, Belong, Become!”Jessica Register — Branch Manager/Vice President at Union Bank & Trust Company
“If you want to work with a proven business winner, entrepreneur and system that provides laser like advice then look no further. The Leading Edge system infused with practical, hands on business advice from one of North Carolina’s top business successes should drive any serious group or person to Leading Edge Institute.”John M. O'Connor — President at CareerPro
“I can’t say enough… I am more courageous. I am more present for my family, more resolute in my values, clear about what I want in life personally, happier, and more profitable professionally. Amy has a very simple, straight forward program. If you follow it, your life will change. Mine certainly did. She doesn’t just teach it. She lives it.”Adrienne Deans-Craven — Broker/Owner of Deans Group Realty LLC
“Just finished reading “Secrets To Successful Business Engagements”. This book made me grow and caused me to think about not only important things and relationships at work but also in my personal life. Thank you Amy Edge for helping me grow!”Craig Sowers — Sports Performance manager at Connor Sports
“I attended an 8 week workshop and absolutely loved it. It was truly intriguing and inspirational!”Lauren Krause
“I have been in several small businesses over the years and now this series will definitely help me go to the next level. I am understanding the “WHY” that drives me and receiving the coaching to keep the drive going. I highly recommend Leading Edge Institute.”Angela D. Evans
“Suddenly having the option to forge a new career is exciting, to be sure.  But it can also be terrifying in its uncertainty.  If you’re like me, with several ideas clamoring for your attention, each of them as viable as the next and all as demanding of your time, the prospect of having to choose can be overwhelming. Before long, you’ve become buried beneath an avalanche of possibilities, and just as frozen stiff by fear-driven indecision and its inevitable byproduct, inactivity. Luckily, there are ways to combat or break free of the numbing effects of not knowing what to do next, or how. And some wonderfully helpful business- and life coaches out there to show them to you. I found mine in Amy Edge, CEO of Leading Edge Institute, who helped me differentiate between activity and productivity, brought clarity to my options and focus to my efforts. I’m more confident now as a result of her expert guidance.”Karen Raines